Qué tipo de arte es la música?

What kind of art is music?

Qué tipo de arte es la música?

The music is a so- called fine arts, ie an artistic genre, which is to achieve aesthetic effects through the manipulation of vocal or instrumental sounds, according to cultural standards of rhythm, harmony and melody.

The music contemporary art is the art of our time, reflecting or related to today ‘s society. 1 2 The contemporary art often refer to works originating from half of the twentieth century. 3 The word ‘contemporary’ encompasses a very heterogeneous set of practices whose assignment to contemporaneity is out of date by definition. Various authors have approached this problem, often delving into the difference with modern art and its historical dimension. 4 5 6

Qué tipo de arte es la música?

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao , an institution dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art and an icon of current architecture ( Frank Gehry , 1997).

In other disciplines, such as: modern literature and contemporary literature denote different meanings. In a much clearer way, the concept of modern music is usually reserved for modern popular music (from the music industry of mass consumption); while that of contemporary music is made for that of 20th century academic music —although it is also common to find publications and institutions that assimilate both denominations and that speak of ‘modern and contemporary art’. 7

In addition to artistic practice proper, contemporary art includes areas such as art criticism and theory , art education with its educational institutions and art schools, curatorship , publications on contemporary art, the media and mediation, public and private collecting, galleries and fairs that make up the contemporary art market, the contemporary art production industry, and the places where contemporary works of art are exhibited, preserved and documented.

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