Qué hacer para promocionar a un artista

What to do to promote an artist?

Qué hacer para promocionar a un artista


When the artist has prestige and his work is recognized in the market, its commercialization is done practically by itself. It is the same commercial circuits of art that demand or promote it because it is easier for intermediaries to work with a product that is accepted and whose author enjoys prestige and popularity.

In these cases, it is the collector who knocks on the door of the studio-workshop to buy. On the contrary, it occurs when the artist is practically unknown, even though his work is of indisputable quality.

It is he who has to leave his workshop and make his work known. You have to promote it and do it with all the tools and opportunities you have at your fingertips. The art market is a subjective world that continually surprises with very disparate and complex tastes, both on an artistic and economic level.

A well-done work, with a clear and well-defined conceptualization, is the best asset that the artist has to make his way. Everyone likes what is well done and to achieve it you already have fifty percent in your favor, although each collector is different in their preferences.

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