Promote Your Music

Promote your music

Promote Your Music

We make your community grow. In direct contact with your fans. We will give a boost to your social networks to increase your fans and the commitment you need with your music. is your new platform to share music with your friends and acquaintances.

Before we lived in a reality in which a group or a musical artist had very little chance of «succeeding» or gaining true fans without being rich or without the help of a major label. Now, musicians are free to explore their sonic creativity and gain a following for little or no money. How is it possible? Read on for several ways to increase your fan count without selling your soul or going broke.

The downloading music is the sound file transfer service from Internet to a computer or other local device. The term includes both legal downloads and downloads without permission from the copyright holders.

Among online music stores selling singles and albums , are iTunes from Apple , Google Play Music , Amazon MP3 , Napster and HDtracks ( the latter being the only one that offers music in HD). Digital downloads are often encoded with DRM , which makes it difficult to create additional copies of the music, or listen to them on a device made by the competition.

Another way of downloading music files is the use of peer-to-peer network programs , such as BitTorrent , eMule and, between 1999 and 2001 , Napster , before its closure and conversion into the current payment service. Currently, Ares Galaxy is the most used P2P program in the world for downloading music, 1 although there were other programs of great success such as Kazaa , used from its launch in 2001 to August 2012. There are 9 other legal and safe ways to download music apart from Bittorrent and P2P.

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