Cómo distribuir tu música en Internet

How to distribute your music on the Internet?

Cómo distribuir tu música en Internet

Not sure how to upload your music to Spotify, iTunes, Google Play or other platforms? Do I need to stay any record label? Here you are going to find information on the 5 most used and recommended paid online distributors to upload your music both as single and album independently and sell it all over the world?

If you are starting now as an artist or producer, your path is undoubtedly self-management, since nowadays record labels only look for artists with many views or with many followers, thus ensuring their great success in sales and views. That is why here we talk about these distributors that facilitate work and help grow as artists and give you the opportunity to make your music known to the world. Here are the 5 platforms Tune Core, Cd Babi, ReverbNation, Crea nauta, Zimbalan and La Cúpula Música.

My job is as a music producer and as I work as an independent artist and at the same time I do work for artists who are starting now, that made me learn about the possibility of distributing my music and that of my clients or the whole world independently.

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